Is there a cure for diabetes?


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Is there a cure for diabetes?

Presently there is no known or consistent cure for diabetes. Nor is there a vaccine, like polio, to prevent someone from getting diabetes. While there are great strides being taken with different supplements and treatments there is no clear cure that can get the job done simply and easily.

However, there is a clear front runner for treatments that can improve your quality of life greatly. One of these is non-obese bariatric surgery.

What is non-obese bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is the removal of superfluous parts of the intestine and part of the stomach in order to shorten the amount of time food spends in the digestive tract. 

While this is typically recommended for obese patrons and a viable treatment in America if someone is obese; non-obese bariatric surgery is currently illegal in the mainland United States. 

However, the U.S. is only one of a few states that don't permit this type of treatment.

Where can I go for non-obese bariatric surgery?

One of the most popular places to go for non-obese bariatric surgery in Costa Rica. This is because of the prominence of one of the world's leading experts in non-obese bariatric surgery, Dr. Jacob Zafrani. 

The doctor has performed over 3500 successful surgeries and has designed a wonderful program to ease patients back into everyday normal life. 

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